High Quality NFC Business Cards

How do you digitize your business cards?

Do you know this feeling when you come home from a trade fair, an exhibition or a networking event and have a huge pile of business cards? You might ask yourself what to do with all these business cards? How do you get them digitized in a most efficient way? Scan them? Take a photo? Or just manually type? But how do you connect that information to your CRM tools?

Belong to those the people will not ask these questions about! Business cards with integrated digital storage make the annoying manual digitization obsolete. The data is transmitted through the NFC technology. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is wireless data transmission standard compatible to large amount of devices, first of all smartphones. Just hold an NFC business card close to an NFC enabled device, e.g. a smartphone or tablet, to initiate an action, e.g. “Save new contact”…

It has never been easier to get the business cards digitized!

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NFC Business Cards build a bridge between Innovation and Tradition

Leave a lasting impression by linking Tradition of Networking to digital Innovation

A business card is not olny supposed to provide contact information to potential business partners, but it also gives an impression about its owner or the company. Moreover, digital networking is getting more and more important in professional as well as personal environment. - NFC business cards have been developed taking into account these considerations. They are printed on high quality paper and contain a passive NFC chip. So the bizy.Cards combine classic qualities of a business card with requirement of the digital age as more other medium before.

  • high quality paper for better haptics

    Our bizy.Cards are printed on Conqueror CX22 Brillant White and Multiloft Extrarough White paper

  • Intuitive & easy digitization

    You do not need an app or additional hardware. Simply hold a bizy.Card close to an NFC enabled device

  • Error-free data transmission

    No more typos! The data is transmitted from bizy.Card to your device absolutely error-free

What Can You Do with bizy.Cards?

Sie entscheiden selbst, welche Daten Sie auf dem NFC Chip Ihrer hochwertigen bizy.Card speichern: ob Ihre Kontaktdaten, eine URL zu Ihrem LinkedIn- oder XING-Profil, ein E-Mail-Template mit z.B. Einverständnis zum Newsletter-Empfang, GPS-Koordinaten Ihrer Bar oder Ihres Hotels, Ihr Profil in der antcp8.Cloud* und noch viel mehr Möglichkeiten stehen Ihnen offen!

* Möchten Sie mehr über die antcp8.Cloud oder weitere Services, wie z.B. Anbindung an CRM-Systeme wissen, schreiben Sie uns! Wir beraten Sie gerne und erstellen Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot.

Our Variants of NFC Business Cards

  • bizy.Cards® - Premium
  • from € 84,- / 40 bizy.Cards® (excl. VAT)
  • Exceptionally high quality premium paper with a memory chip for a perfect experience both in real-life and in the digital world

  • Conqueror CX22 Brilliant White Papier
  • 445 or 340 g/m2
  • 2-side color print
  • Storage capacity 868 byte
  • bizy.Cards® - Multiloft
  • from € 148,- / 40 bizy.Cards® (excl. VAT)
  • Multi-layer business card with individual core color which fits your CI. A business card which attracts attention by its optical appearance, but also impresses by its digital insides.
  • Multiloft Extrarough White Papier
  • 1050 g/m2
  • 2-side color print
  • Storage capacity 868 byte
  • 13 core colors

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