June 12, 2017


What does NFC stand for?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standardised short-range wireless communication technology. It is based on radio transmission and allows easy and convenient data exchange between electronic devices (like smartphones), or mobile payment, or access to digital content by a single

How do bizy.Cards® work?

bizy.Cards® are high quality business cards printed on premium paper. At the same time, an NFC chip is integrated trough a cutting-edge production process inside the bizy.Cards®.The NFC chip is passive, i.e. it  does not need any power supply. In order to retrieve data from the chip, an active transponder (like it is integrated in smartphones) must be hold close to a bizy.Cards® business card. Other than that, no apps or additional hardware is required. The digital content stored on the passive chip will automatically be started.

Which data can be stored on a bizy.Cards® NFC business card?

Generally speaking, any data can be stored on the chip of our bizy.Cards® as long as 868 bytes of storage space are not exceeded. There are, however, specific data formats which are standardly recognized by mobile operating systems Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile. These data formats include

  • vCard – the electronic business card
  • GPS coordinates
  • URLs
  • command to open an app
  • an e-mail template, e.g. agreement to receive newsletter e-mails
  • SMS
  • phone number
  • WiFi connection

as well as some others.

By the way, all of our NFC storage chips are big enough to store all data listed above.

We recommend you, however, our antcp8.Cloud solution. I.e. a URL to your public profile in the cloud is stored on the NFC chip. The receiver of your business card is then able to download your contact data as vCard, to connect with you on Social Media like LinkedIn, XING or Facebook as well as to easily share his or her contact data with you. In the backend, you recieve detailed statistics about access of your public profile.

Which devices can read bizy.Cards®?

The most smartphones have nowdays an active NFC transponder and so are able to read data from bizy.Cards®. For more detailed information plese get in touch with us.